BSB Webinar on new Equality & Diversity Rules of the Code of Conduct

The BSB recently hosted a live webinar on the new Equality and Diversity Rules of the Code of Conduct.

The webinar has been uploaded onto the BSB Website and is now available for people to view and listen to.  The chance for asking sessions "live" has passed but queries can still be made to me and they will be answered by me or a member of the E&D Team.  The Q&A information (also available on the website) is being regularly updated to ensure all matters raised are addressed. 

One CPD point is also still available to anyone who views the webinar within the next 12 months. 

The webinar can be accessed through this page

 For further information please contact Angela Campbell at the Bar Council on 02 7242 0082 or by email to

Tel: 0207 242  0082

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