Case Management Reports

Received from the Legal Services Commission two documents which identify the volumes of claims made and paid as well as the LSC's performance against its published targets.  It is hoped that your own records will tally with the statistics that the Commission has provided and that these tables will now be published every other month. 

Paul Benjamin who is one of the LSC's Contract managers has asked for the following statement to be published with these tables:

LSC caseworkers are currently rejecting around 1 in 5 Family/Civil claims and 1 in 10 Crime claims. Payments could be made 10-20% faster if greater care was taken to sign claims and provide all of the documentation required to process them.

Please use the Form Completion Guidance documents on our website and follow the guidance communicated via the Bulletins to help us drive down the number of rejected claims. A large number of claim rejections could be avoided with better communication between the instructing solicitor to confirm that a certificate's scope and cost limitation is sufficient to cover counsel's fees before the claim is submitted.

We accept that on occasions a claim may have been incorrectly rejected and we have introduced the Priority Return system to ensure that errors are rectified quickly.



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