Criminal Fee Appeals – eFiling in the SCCO

The IBC has received the information below from the Senior Costs Judge Andrew Gordon-Saker, asking for our membership to be made aware of the following.

As you will be aware appeals by counsel from the decisions of the Legal Aid Agency lie to the costs judges in the Senior Courts Costs Office. As you may also be aware, as part of the Reform programme, the High Court is adopting an electronic case management system, CE-file, which permits electronic filing by parties.

In the SCCO, as from 7th October, parties may now file documents electronically. From 20th January 2020 parties, other than litigants in person, must file documents electronically. After that date appellants’ notices in costs appeals received on paper will not be accepted, but will be returned.

Further details are set out in the attached practice note which may also be found at:

Requests for extensions of time to appeal may still be made by email either to or directly to the clerk to criminal costs appeals.

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