Management Committee

Members of the Management Committee are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting by the membership. They meet once a month to discuss all problems and ideas that have been presented to them.

The committee consists of an Executive Committee consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, Common Law Secretary, Chancery Secretary, Education Secretary and Treasurer and then further people who represent a balance of different ages and positions within the clerks room, different types of chambers regarding areas of work and representation from all areas of the country.

Committee Membership

  • Nicholas Hill, Chair (3 New Square)
  • Lucy Barbet, Vice Chair (11 King's Bench Walk)
  • Howard Rayner, Treasurer (QEB)
  • Tony McDaid, Vice Treasurer (No. 5 Chambers)
  • Geoffrey Carr, Education (No. 5 Chambers)
  • Jackie Ginty, Common Law Secretary (One Essex Court)
  • Mark Rushton, Chancery Secretary (Wilberforce Chambers)
  • Tom Street, Criminal Law Senior Clerk (11 KBW)
  • , Family Law Senior Clerk
  • Simon Boutwood, Family Law Senior Clerk (Harcourt Chambers)
  • Clifford Holland, Common Law Family Senior Clerk (15 Old Square Chambers)
  • Fraser Geddes, Chancery Senior Clerk (Wilberforce Chambers)
  • David Scothern, Specialist Senior Clerk (Outer Temple)
  • Scott Baldwin, Regional Senior Clerk (St. Mary's Family Law Chambers)
  • Matthew Gibbons, Regional Senior Clerk (Deans Court Chambers)
  • Marc Goddard, Regional Senior Clerk (Stour Chambers)
  • Phillip Griffiths, Regional Senior Clerk (30 Park Place)
  • Leigh Royall, Regional Senior Clerk (37 Park Square Chambers)
  • Sarah Reynolds, Common Law Junior Clerk London (Freelance Barristers’ Clerk)
  • , Common Law Junior Clerk London
  • , Chancery Junior Clerk London
  • Jessica Barnes, Chair Of Career Development Committee (formerly Junior Clerks Committee) (One Essex Court)
  • Billy Brian, Chair Of Career Development Committee (formerly Junior Clerks Committee) (Blackstone Chambers)
  • Tristan Whigham, Co Opted Member (12 King's Bench Walk)
  • Simon James Gardner, Co Opted Member (Matrix Law)
  • Jason Housden, Co Opted Member (Matrix Chambers)
  • Luke Irons, Co Opted Member (St Philips Stone)
  • Samantha Jones, Co Opted Member (Serjeant's Inn Chambers)
  • Jon Robinson, Co Opted Member (4 Pump Court)
  • Alex Southern, Co Opted Member (Tanfield Chambers)
  • Sian Wilkins, Co Opted Member (Doughty Street Chambers)
  • Chris Sacker, Co Opted Member (Old Square Chambers)
  • George Bennett, Co Opted Member (20 Essex Street)
  • Sian Huckett, Co Opted Member (Fountain Court Chambers)
  • Lucy Burrows, Co Opted Member (3 Verulum Buildings)
  • David Bingham, Co Opted Member (One Crown Office Row)
  • Sadia Hafeez, Co Opted Member (Hardwicke)
  • Steven Willey, Co Opted Member (Matrix Chambers)
  • Katie Myles, Co Opted Member (Essex Court Chambers)

The contact details (available to IBC members only) of the committee are listed above along with details of each member’s general functions. This list provides you with a point of contact regarding any enquiries or problems you may have.  Please feel free to use them where appropriate.